1. Who owns the copyright to the photographs?
    I own the copyright which allows me to use the images for my marketing purposes but you have permission to print and share all of your photos.
  2. At a wedding, do we need to feed you? Does that time count in our collection?
    Weddings are a long day, so yes a meal is expected. Having to leave the venue for a meal break could result in missing moments of your wedding, participating in dinner also allows me to get to know some of your guests – which can help put them at ease with the “camera in the room.” I do not photograph during dinner as no one looks their best while stuffing their face, so the half hour meal break does not count towards your continuous time.
  3. What does minimum photographs really mean?
    This is the absolute lowest number of photographs you will receive. Great care is taken to tell your story, I eliminate all redundant or imperfect images taken from the session, from there I edit what is needed to highlight your story. Storytelling is an art form, not an exact quota to be filled.
  4. How soon should a photographer be booked?
    Summers are wedding season, so it is best to secure your photographer as soon as possible.
  5. Where will the engagement session be held?
    Anywhere in the Edmonton area. The locations the both of you decide upon help me get to know you as a couple even more. I am open to a specific location that is meaningful to you or a general idea like urban, nature, rustic or graffiti. I prefer natural light, outdoors, for engagement sessions. Bring your rings for fun detail shots!
  6. What happens if we lose our USB or digital download link?
    Your images are guaranteed archived for 12 months from the date of our session, however I have yet to delete any sessions that I have completed.
  7. When can we see our photographs?
    Wedding collections will be given within 2 to 4 months after the wedding date. Lifestyle collections will be given within a month after the session.

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